They are so delicious! My step daughter gifted a package at Christmas. It is very hard to stop eating them!

KM, British Columbia

The first time I tasted your delicious caramels I was transformed into a world of creamy caramel smoothness and delectable, unforgettable taste.  The only problem with your Buttery Bites is once I start eating them...I can’t stop! Kudos to you Heather...they are amazing. I did plan to share some with the family...but..oops!!  too bad so sad..I ate every Buttery Bite myself.
MLB, British Columbia

I have had the pure pleasure, the pure ectasy and the pure privelege to have tasted the BEST caramels in the world. Thank you Buttery Bites Caramels!!!!
CB Ontario

From the moment you open the package and see these hand wrapped caramels, you know you're in for a special treat. So smooth, these caramels melt in your mouth and leave you reaching for more!
CLJ, Ontario

In a fast paced world, what could be better than opening a hand wrapped memory? There is love in every bite of these deliciously luscious caramels and they make wonderful gifts!
LW, British Columbia

It is worth the drive to get the homemade goodness of Heather's Buttery Bites.....and other fine treats.

KM, British Columbia

Creamy, dreamy and delish.

MR, Ontario