Buttery Bites Caramels, Our Story

It all started with a craving...

    Many years ago now, our founder Heather Porrill searched everywhere for a caramel that filled her with excitement.  It never happened.  So, doing things the way Heather does...after some research, some playing and a few test batches, the creation of the Buttery Bites Caramels recipe came to be.

    Buttery Bites Caramels are made just like grandma used to make.  Just 5 ordinary ingredients make up this extraordinary, creamy caramel.  The richness and flavor prove there are no half measures used when preparing these indulgent treats.

     "One day"  Heather says "my own future grandchildren will be able to say, these are the caramels that grandma used to make"

    Heather makes every batch of caramel herself and prepares every order as requested.  Your order is always guaranteed fresh and satisfying by Heather herself.

    Taste to remember, what caramels should taste like.