Then There Were Sixteen

By Heather Porrill


From asparagus to peanuts, with chicken, beef or pork,

Original or fat free, we’d use to make our mark.

With moments caught on video, to be stored for evermore,

I’ve run low on cream cheese, so I’m headed to the store.


With more than 20 flavors, I conclude…”get one of each”

Off to make my recipe, with “Finalist” in my reach.

Be it appy, side or entrée, dessert with sweetened cheese,

I film as I create, before devoured by those I feed.


Eight weeks of make and tasting, add a dash of this or that,

Get the camera, edit, upload, no regard for loads of cash.

The prize was not the money, but it grew from deep inside,

As friends were gathered daily, another recipe we tried.


Forums, chats and conversations, that exposed a common theme,

We are all great women, seeking glory through a dream.

As we’ve made a million meals, we play TV host in our head,

From the time we first stirred batter, or made muffins light as lead.


Now there are just sixteen, from hundreds who had entered,

That move on to the cook off, where my focus will be centered,

While my stress has now subsided, yours has just begun

Make sure while in Toronto, your focus is the fun.


As those sixteen lives have changed, so to have all the rest,

We reflect on our experience, knowing we gave our very best.

So here is to the sixteen, that will reduce again to four,

May your fridge always be full, of cream cheese on the door.


As we now go thru withdrawls, our cameras put to bed,

We cook as we once did, playing TV host in our head,

So here’s to all my Sistas, of the Philly Sisterhood,

Always Be Cream Cheesing, on that Philly Train of Love.