Welcome! Here at Star Bright Farm we are excited to share in this new technology with you.

Located in Northern Alberta, in a tiny community called Bay Tree, is our family farm. 

We have an inspected kitchen on our farm.  This is where we make our Buttery Bites Caramels.

All caramels are hand made with cream, sugar, cane syrup, butter and vanilla beans.  

To the vanilla caramel batch we add a pure cocoa powder to get our rich chocolate flavored Buttery Bites.

GPS location is lat: 55.817778 and long: 119.881667

We welcome visitors at the farm store which is open Wednesday  to Saturday from 10 - 6 pm

We have all sorts of interesting goodies in our store, including quilting fabric.

Stop in for a sample of our delicious Buttery Bites Caramels soon.

Contact us if you want any more information, on the navigation bar or call us at 780-353-3055

We are a motorcycle friendly destination.