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Salted Buttery Bites 100 grams

Saltaholics everywhere rejoice when they have the salty sweet taste and salty crunch delight every taste bud. My mouth waters just thinking of them.

Flax Seed Buttery Bites 100 grams

Golden Canadian flax seed stirred into my caramel makes a wonderful, crunchy, nutty treat, that may actually be good for you.

Anise Seed Buttery Bites 100 grams

Wonderful black licorice flavor from the anise seed that is mixed with the caramel. The seeds add a wonderful crunch.

Chocolate Buttery Bites 100 grams

Rich chocolatey flavor from the addition of my favorite cocoa powder to the caramel.

HOT PEPPER Buttery Bites 100 grams

Sweet Heat, is what this combination is. I added hot peppers to the caramel and got what I was aiming for HOT. There is no mild or medium here, these are for that bit of indulgence with heat.

Chocolate Coconut Buttery Bites 100g

A rich, chocolatey and chewy tropical taste with lots of big flake coconut.

Coconut Buttery Bites 100g

By Special Request, a chewy coconut caramel for those who don't like chocolate. Don't know why I didn't think of it myself.

Vanilla ( Original) Buttery Bites 100g

The Purist's favorite flavor! This is my best selling and still today the most popular caramel I make. Creamy, smooth and worth every calorie! If you don't know which one to try first, this is it.

Vanilla Mini Slab of Buttery Bites 200g

This is the fun bar, cut it and eat it, melt it and make a batch of the most incredible caramel popcorn (recipe included) you will eat, stir some in your cheesecake crust, make your own batch of bacon brittle or your own candied nuts. The possibilities are endless.

KRACK Toffee 100g

A bag of wrapped pieces! Exactly the same flavor as my fabulous vanilla caramel, but cooked longer. It is meant to be hard. You can enjoy a hard caramel treat, or melt it and make little garnishes for your fancy desserts. This is almost the same as the stuff you will remember gnawing on while at the movies, only I make it now and mine is better tasting!

BULK Bag Vanilla 1kg

This is perfect for the candy bowl in your client reception area or at the registration table of your next conference. Doing a candy table for a wedding? 1 kg of our Vanilla caramels all individually wrapped (approx 100 x 10g pieces)

BULK Bag Chocolate 1kg

For your pleasure, 1 kg of our rich chocolate flavor caramels. (approx 100x10g pieces)

Samoa Bites 25 pack

Delicious toasted coconut, with our favorite caramel, a bit of sea salt, all wrapped up in our favorite Belgium dark chocolate. You will have enough to share with a few of your friends.

BULK Salted Caramels 1kg

Enough yummy caramels, you could share if you wanted to. Individually wrapped, approx 100 pieces.

Top Hat Peanut Brittle

This is not caramel, but we do make the best peanut brittle too, so here it is. 150 gram bag. We think this is possibly the best peanut brittle we have ever tasted. Made in small batches by hand, as always, and cut into bite size bites for easy handling. With the perfect ratio of peanuts to brittle, this is right up the alley for any peanut and/or candy lover.

Coffee Bean Caramel

A robust coffee caramel because we leave the whole dark roast beans in the caramel to give you a sweet, crunchy and beautiful uplifting jolt of caffine in your sweet treat.

Macadamia Nut "Bubble Wrap" Caramel

Get ready for the ULTIMATE! We have paired the best caramel (ours) with the BEST ever Queen of the nuts, the macadamia. This is 250 grams of pure love.

Samoa Bites Singles

Buy one or a few. Toasted coconut with our Buttery Bites Caramel, a little bit of sea salt in a ball, all wrapped up with our favorite Belgium dark chocolate.

Samoa Bites 9pack

Toasted coconut, our favorite caramel, and a bit of sea salt all wrapped up in our favorite Belgium dark chocolate.

Samoa Bites 65 tray

The tray is heaping with our favorite new treat! Plenty to share with your friends, or make you the favorite guest when given as a hostess gift. Toasted coconut with the one and only favorite caramel, a touch of sea salt and then wrapped up in our favorite Belgium dark chocolate.

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